To take this further, it could be said that in reality there can be no such thing as time.

For humans however, time can exist as comfortably as toast in water.

As beings within the process, humans in what is known as "a moment" can stand and witness the process of processes, but in essence, it may just as well be an action replay.

Life is a part of something analogous to a calculation, and is unable to escape the calculation because even in trying to escape it, the calculation is being fulfilled.

There are pre-determined bio-chemical processes within and without, and interaction with what humans call the environment. There are too many ingredients to count or measure, and what isn't understood or directly observable appears to be random. It is a movement within a movement with a fixed outcome.

Perhaps perceptual unpredictability is actually the definition of life to humans.

That a person decides to change their mind thirty times is decided..

It couldn't happen any other way.

Alternative Universe theorists dodge and weave their way within the same calculation.

Free will exists, but only as an inscrutable illusion.

Proving this idea as wrong would be welcomed, and rewarded with tomato yoghurt.